Each activity has their own page on the website.  This page is used to communicate with members about your activity, contacts, guidelines, etc.  Contact the Website Coordinator to update your page with any desired information.

Each activity has a link to their own documents folder. This folder is on Google Drive and is used to store handouts, instructions, forms, etc.  Anyone logged into the member website can view, print or download these documents.  Committee chairs or their designee may edit and add or remove documents.


AKC Records

Always keep a copy of event applications and related paperwork until the event has passed or 6 months as directed AKC. Important documents should be sent “certified mail, return receipt requested.”


Instructors and event organizers are responsible for ensuring the building guidelines and policies are followed.  

Classes & Events

All planned activities should be passed to the Scheduling Coordinator and Website Coordinator to reserve the space and publish the events. 


Complete an Income Report Form for any funds received and place in the Treasurer's box.  Send an email to let them know it is there. 


If you are organizing a club activity, please remember to call first on interns for help. It’s a great way to get them involved with the club while getting the job done.  If an intern does help out, please let someone on the Membership Committee know so the activity can be taken into consideration when the intern’s application comes up for a membership vote.