Advertising and promotion
of non-AKC related businesses
is not allowed in the club building.

(See Advertising Policy)

Board of Directors Nominations

According to bylaws a nominating committee is formed in July composed of 3 members and 2 alternates, only one of whom can be an officer or Board member.

Members attending the November membership meeting may submit additional nominations provided the person nominated does not decline when proposed. If the nominee is not in attendance, a written statement signifying his/her willingness to be a candidate shall will be given to the Recording Secretary.

Bulletin Boards

Items may be posted on the respective committee's boards. Committees should monitor and update their boards as needed.

All items posted to the Bulletin Boards in the lobby are to have the name of the person who posted the item as well as the date the item was posted to them.

Club Assets

Items over $25 in value must be advertised for sale to members. If not sold, they will be auctioned at the next meeting.

(See Asset Disposition Policy)

Lost & Found

Items that are left at the end of the session will be donated to various relief organizations (such as Goodwill

or the Humane Society). Any items you have to donate can be left at the training center.



If you wish to have a mailbox, please choose one that is not being used and put your name on it.

Printing Discount

The Club has a discount for printing at Office Depot under the White’s phone number: 765-3289. Using this account accrues the Club free printing.

Staples has been found to be less expensive for printing trial premiums.


Members should direct potential students or other interested parties to the club website ( and to the club email account (  Members should not give out the Training Director's name and contact information.

Report Contagious Illness

Members are to report contagious illness in any dog that has been in the building by providing the following information:

    •  The nature of illness
    •  Dates the dog was in the building
  1. Email the Club President and copy the Training Director.
  2. Call the Club President.

Safety Deposit Box

Hard copies of important club documents and records are in a safety deposit box at Newbridge Bank on Stratford Road. The Club Treasurer has access.