Building Committee

See Committee List

Building Closing Instructions

1. Lock and check both side doors.
2. Turn off lights.
3. Lock main door.
4. Push and pull to double check
5. Look to be sure the outsidewater spigot is off.

One light in Training Room & the  light in the foyer may be on. Interior doors & windowsare to be left open for air circulation.

Cleanup Procedures

1. Blot with the blue mechanic towels.
2. Spray using the enzyme solution.
3. Pat dry.

Crate Room

The crate room is available for members to use. 
After use, please follow the clean up procedures.


Dogs may only be tethered to tie out rings.

Dogs may not be left unattended in the building.

Dogs may not run loose in the building if open to the public.

Exercise Area Dog Bags

Extra bags and the key to the box are in the storage room. 

Flood Insurance

The club is located in a flood zone and maintains flood insurance.

(See Insurance & BondPolicy)


Please remove all food brought into the building or dispose of it in on of the covered trash containers to help avoid rodent problems.  Drink cans and bottles should be emptied into the sink and placed in the recycle container.

Insecticides & Weed Killers

Use the Building Contact Form to report
any  need for pest or weed control. 

Do not treat on your own as some members are allergic. 

Paper Towels & Toilet Paper

Members are responsible for restocking the bathrooms with toilet paper and paper towels when they notice the supply on the wire rack is low.  The supplies are located in the kitchen and the crate room.

If that stock is low, complete the contact form so we can reorder before we run out.


Email the Committee Chair to report any equipment or building maintenance needed. Or make a note on the white board outside the office with your name and the date.

Report serious electrical, plumbing or other emergencies to building committee by phone.

Side Doors

The two side doors must be unlocked when the building is occupied by the public .

(See Emergency Exit Policy)


Members are responsible for refilling the soap containers in the kitchen and bathrooms when they are low.


Traffic around the building is one-way to the right.

Pull up to the curb stops to assist with traffic flow.

Trash & Recycle*

Goes Out on Thursday

*Follow the BLUE week schedule posted in the kitchen

Members coming to the club on Thursday evening: Empty the inside and outside trash cans into the rolling containers. Replace the trash can bags (bags are on the bottom shelf in the kitchen). Empty the recycle baskets into the blue recycle container.

The last class puts the rolling containers up by the road.

Comes Back on Friday

Members coming to the club on Friday:  If the containers are on the street, check to see if they have been emptied. After the rolling containers are emptied bring them back down to the building.

If the containers have not been emptied or are still on the street on the weekend, bring them back down.

Do not leave any items beside the containers.


The vacuums are located in the storage room.  Prior to leaving, members and interns should look at the floor where your dog has been laying and training.  If necessary, vacuum hair or crumbs.

Remember to empty the canister before putting the vacuum back in the storage room.

Water Bowls

Water bowls are to be washed and put away after use and any spills are to be wiped up.

If you take it out, please put it away.  If you turn it on, please turn it off.    
If you open it, please close it.   
If it needs restocking, please restock it. 

Every time you visit, please do one thing to leave it better than you found it - it's our club!