Club Documents

Each committee has a folder the Google Drive where their documents may be stored.  This makes information readily available to other members and protects documents from loss.  There are links to single documents and links to a folder.

Everyone can View, Print or Download documents.

How To View, Print or Save a Document:

    1. Click the link. The document opens in Google Documents and may be viewed larger. (Zoom on left or magnifying glass on the right of the page depending upon the type of document).

    2. Click the printer icon (upper left side of page or top middle of the page) or click the download arrow (upper middle of the page). The Open or Save message displays (bottom of screen), click open. The document displays.

    3. Print or save the document.

How  To Add, Remove or Edit a Document:

See the committee chair or their designee. They can edit, add or remove documents from their committee's folder. 

Club Email

The club public email address is:

Gmail Coordinators are responsible for monitoring the email account daily and responding, as necessary.

Committee Chairs & the Board are authorized to send out group emails to members and interns regarding club business or dog-related events.

How to Format Group Email:  




REPLY TO include your name and email.

If you need the password contact one of the Coordinators.

Communications Documents

Google Documents  Filing Instructions

Google Documents Editing Instructions

Gmail Instructions

How to View, Print & Save Documents


Gmail account is used to send out the monthly Newsletter to all members and interns.  Members wishing to receive Newsletters by mail may indicate that option on their annual renewal.

Phone & Answering Machine

The club telephone and answering machine are located in the office (336) 924-4211.

The Phone Coordinator, checks and responds to any voice mails daily and changes the answering message, as necessary.


The address of our public site is:

The private websitefor members and interns only is:

Committee chairs should email changes to the public or member site to the Website Coordinators. 

Web Host: Yola with recurring monthly billing - Silver account.

Domain Name: Moniker used for the purchase of our public site is paid through 5/27/2014.


Access code: Dog27116