Library Committee

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The club has an extensive list of books, videos and DVDs available for checkout by our members and interns. All books, videos, and DVDs in either cabinet must be checked out.

Check out instructions:

  1. Review the list in the binder or the documents below.
  2. If  it from the locked cabinet, the key is in the President's Box.   
  3. Enter your name and date on the card located inside the book or on the outside cover of the video or DVD.   
  4. Placed the card in the grey box filed alphabetically by title. (The box is normally sitting in or next to the locked cabinet in the library.)
  5. If you used the cabinet key, replace the key. 

Check-in instructions:

  1. Bring the item back to the library .
  2. Find the card and cross your name off .
  3. Put the card inside the book or outside cover of the video or DVD.
  4. Place the item back where you found it.

Wait List:

  1. If an item you wish to check out isn't in the library, you can put your name on a waiting list.
  2. When the item is checked back in, you will be notified.


If you want to donate an item, submit the contact form and leave the material in the library.

Library Contact



If an item has not been returned within 3 months from the check out date, a late notice would be posted to the Newsletter.

After 2 notices have been published in the Newsletter, the member responsible for checking out the item will owe the Club the money needed to replace the missing item.

A member will not be eligible to renew their membership if they have an outstanding balance due to the Club.