Membership Committee

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Active vs. Associate Members

The Board asks that Active Members (as opposed to Life Members) and Associates renew only if they actually will provide service to the Club, such as teaching, assisting, serving on committees, etc. All Active Members count against the quorum needed to conduct business at Club meetings so please do not renew unless you plan to be active.

If you do renew, you can expect to be contacted throughout the year with requests that you help out at various events.


The purpose of our internship program is to create a trial membership period during which prospective members can get involved in club activities and demonstrate their willingness and ability to be a contributing member of our club.

Intern Book

The Membership Chair will keep the intern’s information sheets in the Membership Book.

Junior Membership

Junior Membership is available to those under 18 who participate in the internship program.


The laminator is located in the office.

Member Conduct

Members are asked to keep their dogs under control at all times in and around the building, especially when beginners may be watching.

Also, members who show their dogs are asked, as representatives of our club, to observe the rules of good sportsmanship.

Members are asked to exercise reasonable judgment when correcting their own dogs. There have been some comments about harsh corrections.

Observing Classes

While you are welcome to observe any class and instructor, please do so quietly. Chatting and joking outside the ring while a class is going on can be very disruptive to the instructor and especially the students. We ask our dogs to be quiet and well behaved and should expect no less from ourselves.

Please remember that while to help people learn how to train their dogs. To an already self-conscious student, the perception that he or she is being criticized or laughed at could be demoralizing enough to cause them to give up. If that happens, everyone loses, the club, the student and,ultimately, the dog.

Membership Renewal

October - December

Membership Renewal Form
and Instructions for Online Renewal

Hardcopy forms will be available at the club.

Your renewal must be received by January 31 or your membership will expire and you must apply for reinstatement.

Member Ring Use

The member's ring is not available during scheduled Agility, Canine Freestyleor Flyball classes & practices or when the building is rented.

If the member ring is being used for class, the member may discreetly approach the assistant (or instructor if no assistant is there) and let them know they'd like the members' ring.

Common courtesy and good sense go a long way. If someone is training in the member ring or one of the training rings, ask before entering. Do not interfere with their training.

If you are using the ring and someone else would like to use it, finish what you are doing and share the ring.

Name Tags

Members will be provided with an engraved name tag (first one free) subsequent ones paid for by the member.

(See Pricing Policy)

Teaching Outside the Club

Members may not teach group classes within Forsyth County that compete with WSDTC classes.

(See Non-Compete Policy)


A previous member who wishes to be reinstated, may complete a membership application. No internship is required, however, a membership vote will be held.