Store Committee

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Used collars should be hung on the hook designated for them. Clean collars fortrade are next to them. Please do not hang used collars on the top pegs with the new ones.

Collars can be washed in dishwashing detergent.

If the correct collar size is not available for fitting a dog, please substitute a collar or a chain collar until the correct size is available.

Store Instructions

Members may puchase or sell items from the club store:

  1. Refer to the price list posted on the display.
  2. Complete the preprinted envelope available on the display:
    • Item Purchased
    • Amount
  3. Put the money in the envelope then place the envelope in the Treasurer’s box.

If the store is out of an item, check the shelves on the back of the display and refill the stock on the front.

Members should notify store committee members if there are special orders, or if they notice that the store has run out of an item.

The Store Committee shall conduct a regular inventory of store products to determine that adequate supplies are available prior to each class session. 

If there is a special order or you notice that the store has run out of an item notify store committee members.

Do not tie dogs to the store display - it could fall.