Tracking Committee

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Annual Hilltops Fees

Hilltops tracking charge of $50 for the first dog in a family and $20 for each additional dog was approved. 

Class field fees paid by club members will be applied toward the annual tracking fee.

(See Pricing Policy)

Tracking Field Coordinators

Prior to tracking, please contact the field coordinators who will make sure that there aren’t too many people trying to use the fields on a given morning. 

    Monday – Linda Self

    Wednesday – Jan Branon

    Thursday – Sarah Fix and Louise Mowbray

    Saturday – Louisa Arendt

Parking Map

Tracking Documents

Tracking Folder

Certification Tracks

Club members may schedule certification tracks on the available tracking training days/times (no other day/times are allowed), but they must do so via the Field Coordinators and should try to provide a weeks notice. Certification tracks take precedence over training tracks.  

Tracking Test Worker Draw

The purpose of a worker draw is to encourage participation in WSDTC tracking tests by providing a greater chance of being selected for entry  into a future WSDTC tracking test as provided under the AKC Tracking Regulations (Section 13d Test Worker Option).

15 points is required to be included in he worker draw.

See Tracking Test Worker Draw Policy

2014 Hilltops Agreement

Tracking training is for Club members/interns only except for the spring/summer tracking classes.

WSDTC club members/interns may use Hilltops four days per week: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday mornings between 8 am and noon. 

Note that the Monday morning tracking class takes precedence over training.

  • No one is to arrive at Hilltops before 8 a.m.  
  • No one is to remain at Hilltops after 12 p.m. (noon).
  • If tracks have to age and club members are not actively laying a track or running a track, club members should leave and come back when the tracks are ready to be run.
  • Members are not to use Hilltops to exercise their dogs.
  • No bitches in season please.  The Conrad’s have dogs of their own and we should not provide additional distractions to them.
  • Parking should be as far from the house as possible (see attached image).
  • You should cleanup after your dogs unless they potty in the middle of the fields.  If they potty near or on any of the mowed areas, you need to pick up after them and take the bags with you. 
  • Do not use the Conrad’s trash bins.
  • No loose dogs near the house.
  • Stay as far from the house as possible – walk the perimeters of the fields and use the fields to potty your dogs.